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The Preferred Healthcare System

Located in Central Pennsylvania, we are a regionally based care organization, incorporated in 1985 as a joint venture between Altoona Hospital and a group of physician investors. The goal of this organization is to work with area employers to provide quality, cost-effective healthcare benefits for their employees and families.

The Preferred Healthcare System (PHS) works through insurers and third-party administrators to provide a network of hospitals, physicians, and ancillary providers who can deliver a broad scope of healthcare services. Through key agreements members using the PHS network have access to specialty care not available in our 10 county licensed service area; these provider systems include Allegheny Health Network, Penn State Health, and UPMC. 
PHS provides this network of hospitals and physicians throughout Central Pennsylvania. PHS currently has contracts with primary care hospitals and their physicians, as well as arrangements for medical services not available in this area.

Please refer to the PHS Panel Provider Directory for a list of our providers.

  • Freedom of Choice

    PHS offers direct access to any of the physicians within our network - both primary care and specialists. No referrals needed.

  • No Balance Billing

    The PHS panel providers have agreed to accept our fee schedule for reimbursement. Once the claim has been processed by the claims payor or third party administrator (TPA), the PHS panel provider will only bill the patient for applicable coinsurance or deductibles. The patient is not balance billed for the charges over the fee schedule that the panel providers have agreed to accept. Panel providers have made a decision to work with the area businesses through PHS by accepting the fee schedule as reimbursement in order to make healthcare more affordable.

  • Commitment

    PHS and its panel providers have a vested interest in our clients. As a locally owned, regionally based managed care system, our clients are our neighbors, our friends, and people from our community. As business people, our providers look to the local area from which to draw their patients. The PHS Network is open to adding providers.  If a provider is interested in joining PHS or if a member would like to recommend a provider, please contact PHS.

  • No Claim Forms

    When individuals covered by PHS utilize panel providers, there are no claim forms for the patient to complete. Providers bill the insurer or third-party administrator directly, thus reducing paper work for the employer and employee. This eliminates red tape for the patient, provides less confusion and allows more flexibility for the patient.

  • Complete Healthcare Network

    The PHS panel of regional providers includes a complete network of healthcare services, including maternity, pediatrics, orthopedics, cardiac, cancer, dialysis, and behavioral health treatment. The PHS provider panel offers a complete network of medical services so that employees and dependents are not forced to leave this area to access providers and services; however through key health care partners, there is the availability to access specialty care across the state for care no longer available in our area.  These agreements are with Allegheny Health Network, Penn State Health, and UPMC.

  • Flexibility

    The Preferred Healthcare System (PHS) network is a flexible option for your employees’ need for access to health care facilities and providers.  PHS is about to work with your current Third Party Administrator or to help you find a new partner.  Our network can be rented for your entire workforce or for employees who reside in our service area.

    PHS has contracted with several third-party administrators who are capable of administering our managed care programs. When self-funding employee benefits through PHS, the reduced fee schedules and discounts pass directly to the employer thus reducing claim costs. PHS can work with any existing relationship you have with Third Party Administrators, Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or broker/consultants.

  • Take the Next Step

    If your goal is to keep your benefits at an affordable level, PHS is a viable, locally owned and operated provider network option you need. To find out more about how PHS can deliver high-quality health care benefits at a savings to employers and employees, contact us today.

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