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Thank you for enrolling in Preferred Healthcare System (PHS). The provider network provides you with access to quality hospitals and physicians throughout your community. This comprehensive group of providers will serve your personal and family healthcare needs in a quality, cost-effective manner.

Our Panel Provider Directory offers a complete list of the local and regional physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals who are participating in PHS. Each provider has been reviewed by PHS and has met specific standards of quality care.

To take advantage of the financial incentives and special features your benefit plan offers, you should use the services of providers and hospitals listed here whenever you need medical attention. With these healthcare professionals, your out-of-pocket expenses will be lower - and your benefits higher - than with physicians and hospitals not participating in the network. The panel providers participating in the PHS network may change. Therefore, before you make an appointment, you should verify with the physician's office that they participate with PHS.

If you have questions about services covered by the plan, please refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact your employer's benefits office.

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